Founded in 1975. MPPAC merged in 1991 and MARC merged in 1996.

AMAHA has been THE club for Model Arabians and their owners since 1975! 2015 marks our 40th year.

We are a model horse club specifically aimed towards the collecting, exhibition and pedigree assignment of Arabian and Part-Arabian models. Members participate in monthly shows, the AMAHA Nationals, End of Year Awards, Point Awards, and receive our bi-monthly newsletter, the Desert Horse Review. For information on how to become a member and enjoy our member benefits, please visit the Rules page.

"The choice of one's horse oft' times reflects circumstance as well as the aspiration and dreams of the horseman.  But, there are few who have seen the Arabian in full stride, or beheld the depth of his dark eye who could deny that they have fleetingly sensed the swaying palms of the oasis, and briefly heard the eternal sigh of the lonely desert winds.  Is it just imagination, or is there something more to this remarkable animal who openly displays his affinity for man?"
~ Gladys Brown Edwards, Know the Arabian Horse

Join the ModelArabians@yahoogroups mailing list here. Though you do not have to be a member of AMAHA to join the group, we do use it to post club news, results, polls, etc.

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